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الأربعاء , أبريل 21 2021
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10 spring-cleaning hacks that will transform your home
10 spring-cleaning hacks that will transform your home

LOOK.. 10 Spring Cleaning Hacks which will Transform Your Home

After the hibernation of winter, when the daylight finally dares to enter our homes, we finally get the burst of energy we’d like to start out transforming our house with the good British spring clean. But, however good our intentions are, when the sunshine and warmer weather actually appears, aren’t there better things to do? We just don’t have the time to travel and buy an entire new cupboard-full of cleaning products to feature to the barely used collection under the sink.

So, rather than setting aside a precious weekend or several to offer your home the spring cleaning blitz that it deserves, just follow this easy spring cleaning checklist, filled with time and money saving spring cleaning hacks which will transform your range in no time in the least .

1. Use your lint roller as a duster

It is likely that after the depths of winter, there’s a fine layer of dust that’s preventing your home from looking bright and glossy . However, rather than soaking, washing and scrubbing, simply grab that lint roller out of your wardrobe. Gently run the lint roller over and in-between fragile lampshades to tug all of the dust off.

Lint rollers also are great to select up the pesky strands of hair and leftover dust trapped within the corners of the space after cleaning. you’ll even brush a lint roller over cushions and therefore the fabric of your furniture.

Spring cleaning tip: While you’re busy together with your Great British spring clean, spend a while on your handbags and rucksacks. Once you’ve emptied your bags, use a lint roller to select up the last remains of dust and crumbs.

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