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الإثنين , مايو 17 2021
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Human Resources manager. salary: 7000$

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• Consult with employers to identify needs and preferred qualifications assisted the general manager in completing various tasks;

• Conduct new employee orientations;

• Process paperwork;

• Resolve issues between management and employees;

• Advise managers on policies like an equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment;

• Coordinate and supervise the work of specialists and staff;

• Oversee recruitment and hiring process;

• Direct disciplinary procedures;

• Be responsible for the visa applications and renewing, document integrity and co-ordination with the PRO;

• You must work methodically and be people-orientated. Confidentiality must be a key pillar for this role as they will be privileged with Personnel files. Collaborative attitude will be held in high regard.

• Good command of written and spoken English and Mandarin;

• simple cashier, bookkeeping and payroll;

• Human Resources Information Software;

• Performance management;

• Teamwork and collaboration;

• Scheduling;

• Worker’s compensation;

• Employee relations.

Salary: $6,000 – $7,000

To apply for the job click here

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