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jobs.. Estimator (Joinery – Woodworks).. in dubai

jobs.. Estimator (Joinery - Woodworks).. in dubai.

The following are the job responsibilities as assigned but not limited to, as additional duties may be assigned to you from time to time.PRE-TENDER PROCESS.
1. Checking received BOQ, Specifications and Details of drawings of all joinery items.
2. Categorizing the items according to the details and establish off-take of material and labour hours.
3. If any details are required sending the RFI to the client and follow up.

4. Identify subcontractors needed for various items related to the project.

5. Technical evaluation with the design team, production team and suppliers.6. Coordinate with suppliers- sending them enquiries for the outsource items and following up the quotations.7. Excellent knowledge of Autocad to enable taking off quantity- Preparation of the cost sheets according to the received detail, specifications and BOQ.8. Evaluation of sub-contractors quotation9. Preparation of the cost sheet labour and time durations.10. Preparation of the BOQ.11. Final checking of the costing and BOQ.12. Sending to the final approval from management.13. Submission of the BOQ with covering letter.


1. Attending to the price negotiations and price evaluations with client and management.2. If need revising the BOQ.3. Evaluation and final checking of the LPO and Purchase Agreement of the client.4. Coordination with the Accounts Department, Production Department and Design Department.5. Preparation of the quotation for additional work and variations.6. Coordinating with the client for the approval of the submitted additional works and variations.7. Coordinating with the Accounts Department for preparation of the final bill.8. Price evaluation of the pre-tender and post-tender.


Data Analysis
Strong negotiation skills with vendors and 
Time management
Detailed Oriented
Effective Communication
Technical Skills
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