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6 Essential Tips In Choosing The Right Playground Swing For Your Setup

What is a playground without a playground swing? A playground swing has become a staple of any indoor or outdoor playground throughout the world. If you want your kids to gain maximum enjoyment from the playground you will build for them, then a swing is an essential addition to your setup.
Here are some tips that will help you choose the right swing for the playground you have in mind. These are vital tips, and following them will ensure the safety of your children.
1. The playground swing should be designed in a way that it won’t be too high for the kids who will get to play with the same. Granted that kids eventually grow up, and grow taller, do bear in mind that playgrounds, in general, will only cater to children of a certain age range. As a rule, try to choose a swing the maximum height of which will not exceed 4 feet. This will be safe enough for children below the age of 10 years.
2. The playground swing should not possess any sharp edges or rough surfaces that may scratch the delicate skin of children. Every step should be taken to ensure that no such edge or surface exists. Kids love to hold on to structures for support, and if there is a dangerous extension in those structures, children will be very vulnerable to injuries.
3. Make sure that the surface of the swing is free from loose screws or nails as well. These can cause just as many injuries as the rough surfaces and sharp edges mentioned in the preceding entry.
4. Try to situate the swing on a surface padded with rubber mulch. The rubber mulch, usually 1 inch thick, will cushion any accidental fall that may happen. This will greatly reduce the injuries that the children may suffer.
5. Choose a swing that is made of rustproof material. Rust can easily lead to the poor condition of the swing. The structure may break while the children are playing with the same. With playground equipment, especially those intended for outdoor use, rust is the number one enemy.
6. Bear in mind that swings need regular maintenance. This includes having to oil the joints to make sure that they will rotate on their gears properly, ensuring that the parts of the swing are always firmly attached to where they should be attached, and keeping the surfaces clean and dirt-free.

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